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Our history

Doms Metrology ApS has its roots in Doms A/S, a company operating within the field of measuring control since sometime in the 1950'ies.
Primarily as a service contractor, but later known as a developer of fore court equipment. Since 1958, we have inspected fuel meters and dispensers, in connection to repair tasks and later also as a subcontractor to the national authorities "Justervsenet", later "Dantest" and lately "Force instituttet" (as we were the ones having the measuring equipment).

The cooperation was partly based on the "gentlemans agreement" that Doms refrained from appying for an accreditation in calibration/testing and the other part refrained from operating as a service contractor.

In 1996 Denmark introduced regulations on Vapour Recovery Stage II and "Doms Inspection" a newly formed department in Doms A/S  applied for accreditation to cary out inspection on these new systems. Inspection is another type of accreditation than calibration/testing.

Having obtained accreditation as a inspection body in 1997, we applied for callibration/testing accreditation later in 1997.

Parallel to this the organisation of oilcompanies in Denmark, approached Doms in order to learn if the monopoly on the marked for verification could be broken.

In February 1998, we recieved letter of accreditation as calibration/testing laboratory and emidiately after this we obtained a national notification.

In 1998, 1L of 95 octane unleaded gasoline retailed at approx. DKK 6,50 and that year the average price of verification of a dispenser with only one meter was DKK 546.

In 2006, 1L of 95 octane unleaded gasoline retails at approx. DKK 10,00 and the average price of verification of a dispenser with only one meter is DKK 718.

Since 1998 the annual reverification periode has been changed to a bi-annual reverification periode - the price development curve is almost like the one for PC equipment.

In 2012, it was decided to limit the activities of the company to inspection and checking activities, primarily legal metrology control.